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Vikram Virodhia (born 20 August 1995) is an Indian Blogger and Computer teacher. He is best known for his Website & YouTube programme, which he started in Bahadurgarh, Haryana in 2016, and which coaches economically students for I-Global & C-DAC.

Vikram virodhia

Early life

VIKRAM VIRODHIA was born in Village Jindran (Dist.– Rohtak) Haryana. His father is a Government Servant. His father afford private schooling, VIKRAM attended a Hindi medium (1998-2003) Jai Bharat High school, after that his change the school (2003-2008) Naveen Bharat School then (2008-2010) Aadrash High School then (2010-2012) Govt. School. After this VIKRAM took the admission in (2012-2014) Shri Bala ji Collage. During Collage, VIKRAM took the admission in (2014) “I-GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNILOGY” Bahadurgarh for Computer Software. VIRODHIA secured admission for (J.V.P.W.U.J.) B.A. English.

Kumar would work on website & YouTube during day time and His Teacher is a “SAMEER GAUR”. He also join (2015) I-GLOBAL Computer Centre tutored students in AutoCAD & Computer Software to earn extra money.

Teaching career

In 2015, VIRODHIA began teaching career  with AutoCAD in I-GLOBAL Computer Centre Bahadurgarh. After sometime this started teach Computer BASIC, Solidworks, Photoshop, corel draw, WordPress, Hardware.


In 2005 Best “Dictionary” Competitor in “Naveen Bharat School”.

In 2009 Best “Rangoli Designer” in “Aadrash High School”.

In 2012 2nd Position in “Water Colour Paintting” in “Govt. School”.

In 2012 “Best Crickter” in Over Batch. “Govt. School”.

In 2014 “Student of the year” in “I-GLOBAL Institute of Technology”.


Advisor  : Mom & Dad.

Teacher : Smt. Sunita Devi in School.

Miss. Aarti Saini & Annu Sharma in Tuition Center.

Mr. Sameer Gaur in Blogging.

Food      : Aloo Pratha.

Sports    : Cricket & Chess.

Song      : Bala Ji bhakti Song

Colour    : Red

Movie      : Qayamat (Hindi Movie)

: Bahubali 1&2 (South Movie)

: Marvel Movies (English Movie)

Number  : 0612

Personal life

Affair with Lovely Sanam “LOVE JAAN” (S.)

“Tere bad hum jis k b hoge uska nam maut hoga”.

Personal Details

Name  : Vikram Kumar Virodhia

Also known as : Vikram, Vikram Kumar, Vikram Prajapati, Vikram Virodhia

Nick Name : Pagel

Parents : Sh. Satyawan (Father)

Smt. Darshana Devi (Mother)

Born : 20 August 1995 (Jindran (Dist.– Rohtak) Haryana)

Residence : Bahadurgarh (Hr.)

Nationality : Indian

Occupation : Teacher, Blogger

Years active : 2015

Website :